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Principal’s Message


Proyash Bogra; after its establishment in the year 2008 it came a long way. As per the student number we are the second largest in Proyash family , after Dhaka. Our dream is to give this school an international standard. To fulfill this dream we have a very good set of teachers and staffs who are working day and night.“Special Child Special Right” this is the motto of our school. By keeping this motto in mind we really want to give our children special care and special training. This year from our school 6 students participated in PSC exam, among them 1 got golden GPA 5 and others got A grade, also in inter Proyash art competition our kids got 4 prizes among 6 prizes which is very encouraging.

Till today our number of students are 130 and this year we will take near about 25 students. We want to have a new school building by next 3-4 years after that we will be able to train near about 500 students.

Shah Abdul Aziz Ahmed
Lieutenant Colonel

Proyash, Bogra